We offer two tour options of which you will really enjoy. They are both fascinating and educational. A look back over 400 years in regional history.

Tour A:  Garrison Historic Tour – 2 hours

Tour B:  Garrison Historic Tour
Barbados Museum Tour
Lunch – 4 hours

We begin at the main Guard, a landmark of the Garrison since 1803. Listen to the unique stories of the Garrison as we board a Barbadian bus from a bygone era. We continue our journey to the other historical buildings of the Garrison taking advantage of the exceptional photo opportunities. We encounter the barracks used in the 17th and 18th centuries and view the house where George Washington stayed on his only visit outside of the United States. On to the Military Cemetery with headstones dating back to the 17th Century and grand monuments dedicated to those that served their countries. On to the Garrison, St. Ann’s Fort and it’s cannon collection. The Oldest cannon found was cast in 1620 and the youngest is dated 1870. Discover the replica of the Mermaid Tavern, where the Charter of Barbados was signed in 1652, and later used in the writing of the United States Constitution.

Tour B would continue on to the Museum Tour and Lunch

Extend your tour and join us for a delicious light lunch in the cobblestone courtyard of the former Military Prison now the home of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society. Take in the many original & fascinating displays. These include artifacts of the Amerindians and early inhabitants; the military and children’s galleries; an interactive African exhibition and much more.

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