Top 5 Tourist’s Spots In Barbados


Barbados is said to be one of the best tourist attractions in the world. The island is economically developed and has some of the best beaches for you to relax and have a perfect time. If you are planning out on vacation and you are hoping to go to a place where you can experience the cool breeze, the warm beaches with pitch-perfect clear waters and an adventurous hiking all at the same location then Barbados is the place you must visit. The Island is an independent British Commonwealth nation and attracts many tourists and travelers from all around the world. The island has a tropical monsoon climate and is perfect for a vacation.

Spots In Barbados

We always look out for the best tourist’s spots to visit whenever we visit a new place for our vacation. If Barbados is the place you have chosen for your vacation then following are some of the spots, you must visit.

  • Crane Beach.
  • Bathsheba and Scotland Island.
  • Parliament Buildings.
  • Andromeda Botanic Garden.
  • Gun Hill Signal Station.
  • Harrison’s Cave.

Crane Beach:

The Crane Beach has one of the most beautiful coral sand which is pink in color. The cool breeze from the sea gives you a relaxing effect and is perfect to calm you down. The atmosphere of the Crane beach takes your mind off the hectic life you live and makes your stress go away completely. Even if you want to have fun with your friends and family, the Crane Beach is perfect.

Bathsheba and Scotland Island:

Bathsheba is a huge rock which stands on the coast of the Bathsheba Sea. Many tourists come and visit this stone. Many people surf in this beach; it is a brilliant view to watch these surfers going through the waves of the seas.

Parliament Buildings:

The Parliament Buildings are built in a neo-Gothic style and called as public buildings.  Coral lime stone was used to build the Parliament building and was constructed between the years 1870 and 1874. The tourists who are interested in architecture can visit the Parliament Buildings in Barbados.

Andromeda Botanic Garden:

Barbados having an excellent climate makes it easier for having beautiful botanic gardens. The Andromeda Botanic Garden is known for its brilliant set flowers. One of the other things which are famous here in this garden is the fig trees which once covered the entire island. You can bird watch in the backyard.

Gun Hill Signal Station:

The Gun Hill was built in 1818 and was used to signal if any enemy ships approach the coast. The Spot also has a statue of a British soldier made from a single boulder.  The Gun Hill Signal Station was also used to signal the safe return of ships.

Harrison’s Cave:

The Harrison’s Cave is very famous one of the most visited spots, and the cave attracts many tourists. The cave made out of crystallized lime stone is amazing. The cave shows the beautiful geographic features of Barbados. The Harrison’s Cave is something which you must never miss if you happen to visit Barbados.